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What did Bluecreeper do for you today?

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Bluecreeper can do all of these things:

  • Loosened up and lubricated choke and throttle control cables

  • Protect freshly machined steel from rusting

  • Penetrate and lubricate sticking car door locks

  • To clean and free rusted antique tools

  • Penetrate and lubricate a Chevy van external door hinge

  • To oil a sticking toilet bowl lever

  • Loosened electric hair clipper jaws

  • Unfreeze antique logging tongs

  • Lubricate and protect padlocks

  • Free a sticking micrometer barrel

  • Loosen rusted bolts on an anchor mount on a fishing boat.

  • Penetrate and loosen a corroded brass sink handle fitting

  • Facilitate removal of brake parts

  • Soften undercoat materials in a body shop

  • Free up a carburetor needle valve on a JD B

  • Clean, lubricate and protect a black powder rifle

  • Lubricate the roller chains on a sawmill

  • Oil the wind-up alarm clock balance shaft

  • Clean and lubricate a chain saw nose sprocket

  • Lubricate firearms mechanisms; protect mechanism and external metal parts

  • Clean a rusty table saw top

  • Lube a sticking drill chuck

  • Loosen a wire cable grip pivot

  • Prepare a hose nozzle for winter storage

  • Facilitate removal of rusty bolts on boat trailer lights

  • Free the rusted nuts on a toilet (the ones that hold it to the floor)

  • Lubricate the air bleeder valves on radiators

  • Oil chainsaw recoil

  • Lubricate perpetual automatic action toy
  • Great for tapping
  • Free the German works on wind up mantle clock

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