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Bluecreeper Penetrating Lubricant

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         Bluecreeper is a  penetrating, multipurpose synthetic lubricant designed to creep into tight spaces, loosening rusted or varnished surfaces, providing ongoing lubrication for the loosened parts to move against each other. Bluecreeper is also an extremely effective lubricant  where it is a dirty application or where excessive wasted lubricant is a problem.

        Bluecreeper has high temperature capabilities, it won't harm plastic and it will also provide some short-term rust protection. And let's not forget, it has a pleasant minty smell.

Directions for Bluecreeper

There are several steps to the efficient, successful use of this Bluecreeper. We suggest the following procedure:

  1. Clean any excess scale or rust from the area to be lubricated with a wire brush. If you are working on surfaces that have precision tolerances, do NOT clean them in a way that will hurt those tolerances.
  2. Apply Bluecreeper to the area that is “stuck”. Bluecreeper will “wet out” and begin to penetrate. The amount of product used depends on the area requiring lubrication. Use an applicator that will control the volume and placement of Bluecreeper.
  3. Allow the Bluecreeper lubricant several minutes to penetrate and then apply pressure to the stuck part to begin to break it loose. Don't force it.
  4. If the part begins to loosen, immediately apply more Bluecreeper to the area where the part is moving. Continue to “rock” the stuck part while keeping it lubricated. Remember, a severely corroded part will have scale, dirt, distorted surfaces that need interim lubrication as you complete the disassembly or movement of it.
  5. With a part that is severely rusted together you may have to repeat the above described cycle several times, allowing even more time for Bluecreeper to penetrate into tightly fitted areas.
  6. To facilitate reassembly, lubricate with Bluecreeper.

Bluecreeper Degreaser Concentrate

.Download Bluecreeper Degreaser SDS Sheet

        Bluecreeper Degreaser is a heavy duty water-based cleaner concentrate that uses state of the art surfactants to provide safe, aggressive degreasing.  Use on those tough jobs, such as engines, transmissions, concrete floors, highway structures, compressors, and vehicles. It will also remove sap and pitch. Use it on soiled laundry to remove oil.

Directions for Degreaser

Dilute with tap water. We suggest a beginning mix of 1:10 with water. Modify the “richness” of your mix based on the amount of dirt and grease that you are trying to remove. The range of dilution is 1:5 to 1:10 (Concentrate: Water).

Remember if you are degreasing something that could rust, use Bluecreeper Lubricant after you degrease.

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