Oil Can

Oil Can

Oiler with Spray Tip

Save money by buying cleaners, lubricants, solvents or penetrating oils in bulk, then just fill the container and spray! No more expensive aerosols, no having to deal with how to dispose of them, and better for the environment, too. 

These unique spray tip oilers are the only units on the market with a precision machined metal spray tip that adjusts from a fine mist when tightened, to a thin stream when opened one or two turns. Featuring drawn steel construction with double seamed or deep drawn bases and leak proof joints.  They also include a zinc die-cast high pressure pump with precision ground piston and blue powder coated finish with zinc plated top cap. For use with low viscosity fluids, including cleaners, kerosene, light lubricants, solvents and penetrating oils such as Bluecreeper! Not for use with water base fluids.

10 oz capacity
Our Price: $17.50

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