Hand Kind Hand Cleaner 24 oz

Hand Kind Hand Cleaner 24 oz
HandKind Scrub is a unique biodegradable hand cleaner with extraordinary cleaning and conditioning power. By using new technologies in biodegradable materials, HandKind Scrub out performs all other hand cleaners with added benefits that other cleaners just donít offer.

Removes dirt, oil, grease (even automotive), polishing compounds, and more. The abrasive scrubbers in HandKind Scrub are made from ground and screened walnut shells. Completely biodegradable and water system safe. It cleans with incredible completeness. Even toxic heavy metals like lead, chromium, and mercury are removed from the skin with non-toxic chelating agents.

Handkind uses a unique blend of intense humectant skin treatments that actually promote the skins own moisturizing properties and helps restore the skins natural chemical balance. Very dry cracked skin is quickly relieved by simply washing daily with HandKind Scrub. You'll feel the difference after the very first use.

Sold in 24 fluid ounce bottles, HandKind is concentrated so you only need a little.
Our Price: $17.95

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