One Ounce Precision Oiler

One Ounce Precision Oiler
One Ounce Precision Oiler
One Ounce Precision Oiler

One Ounce Precision Oiler

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By: MRowley on 06/30/2017 12:32:16 PM

Just wanted to tell you about my experience with Blue Creeper. I had bought a Singer 401A, that had some issues with frozen feed dog cover post, which meant that I couldn't get it off to try to unjam the bobbin area, which meant machine couldn't be cleaned or even gotten moving. The post was just stuck and I really thought would have to just give up. Steve Wood of Woodland Quiltworks LLC asked if I had Blue Creeper handy, I did as I had bought some on recommendation of Scott Kennedy but hadn't ever used it. I put some on the post and it worked to loosen it up to where I can move it up, got bobbin area unjammed and things are fine! Will recommend it heartily now.

1oz oiler

By: Compensation on 10/06/2014 06:46:10 PM

I'm just going to start off by saying Buy It! After using the same penetrating oil for 14 years I have switched to the blue creeper. At first I was skeptical and it didn't impress right off the bat. Either the 3rd or 4th time I used it I was blown away. I used this "freeze off" stuff that people talked about. It was a vacuum pump on a diesel held on with 3 bolts. This one stubborn bolt made me reach for the freeze off stuff. I used it as directed and stripped the bolt head. After a few personal conversations with myself I remembered the creeper. I put two drops on the bolt and went to wash my hands. Came back outside and used the same wrench. Couldn't believe it, it came off like it wasn't stuck. No fight at all. You won't be disappointed. Only advice I can give is to let it work for 2 minutes.

precision oiler

By: dhoover on 09/04/2014 09:29:02 AM

I highly recommend Bluecreeper to anyone who maintains or fixes things. I have been using Bluecreeper regularly for about 2 years on my truck and sawmill business equipment. So far, one or just a few applications have loosened anything Ive encountered that was stuck because of corrosion. My latest use just the other day, was to free up a hinge tensioning the up/down motor on my 14 year old sawmill. The belt from this motor was not tensioning properly, because the hinge on which the motor was hanging would scarcely move. I could not take this hinge apart, because I couldn't turn the 6 long, 1/4 bolt running its length. I saw that if I tried to turn this bolt I would break it, and go into a repair that would probably cost more than a hundred dollars and put me out of business for a week. I had no alternative but to be patient, and see if Bluecreeper would save me. Over an hour, using only a dozen or so drops from the little needle bottle, I made three applications at the ends and the two available places along the length of the hinge. The next day, when I remembered to check it, the hinge motion and belt tension was completely restored, and a repair was no longer necessary. I have several of the little needle applicator bottles in my vehicle, garage, shop and kitchen, and a couple of other refill bottles, and have given the the little bottles as gifts to friends and family. I also use Bluecreeper when drilling and cutting threads in rusty metal. JUST GET ONE OF THE LITTLE BOTTLES AND TRY IT!

BC 1 oz precision oiler

By: Joe A on 09/03/2014 11:58:38 AM

Started using Bluecreeper around the shop about 8-10 months ago after having used an aerosol type penetrating oil for years prior. A lot of my techs were skeptical at first wondering how such a little bottle could do anything close to what their beloved aerosol cans could do. Well after a couple days of use they were sold. The needle applicator is perfect for getting BC where you need it as opposed to everywhere else around where you need it. Less wasted product and more productivity. We use this product on all rusty engine components, seized suspension/steering components, and to service our own tow fleet. We had several ratchet straps in a bin ready to be tossed due to rust/age but figured we'd give BC a shot on them, a couple drops and a few minutes later and they were working like new and back on our tow trucks for regular service. A huge time and money saver all around and for those us in the automotive industry we know how important that can be. All in all BC is an excellent product and has earned a permanent home in our shop.

One ounce precision oiler

By: stanwelch on 09/01/2014 09:13:56 PM

Had to replace the cab door handle on my 12 year old JD tractor. Screws were VERY RUSTED. I was afraid I might never get it off. Put a little Blue Creeper on each screw and all screws came loose with little effort. Great product!!

Stuck Oxygen Sensor

By: Magicman on 09/01/2014 07:26:48 PM

I had to replace a defective oxygen sensor and at first it would not budge. I guess after 8 years in an exhaust system, it should not have moved. After applying Bluecreeper, it moved just a bit. I just kept adding Bluecreeper and working the sensor back and forth. Bluecreeper saved me an expensive car dealer repair bill that day.

Precision oiler

By: Dana on 08/31/2014 09:51:47 PM

I used Bluecreeper to unstick the brake cables on my tractor. Put quite a few drops into the metal cable housing and in 15 minutes the cable was freed. Also worked great on freeing up a "grabby" door lock. Dana

the one ounce one

By: thecfarm on 08/30/2014 05:24:16 PM

Just a little is all you need. The small nozzle works great.

One ounce precision oiler

By: ET on 08/30/2014 03:16:45 PM

I have large recessed bolts and nuts holding a 30" sawblade on my mill. These bolts have anti-sieze installed each time the blade is remounted. Sometimes over 3 months between changouts. They sometimes are exposed to the elements and on occasion been completely stuck. I discovered bluecreeper and purchased a bottle knowing I would have a future problem. Sure enough, it happened, so I placed a few drops on the bolt, I saw it penetrate immediately and the bolt started to move. What a relief. I carry that little bottle in my tool box from now on!


By: beenthere on 08/30/2014 02:46:02 PM

So many uses, hard to remember all of them. From 50 yr old rusted bolts in an old JD lawn mower left outside for many years (a drop of bc freed them all), to freeing up an old pistol hammer left in a damp basement for years, to oiling the hair clippers after each use, to freeing up a stuck chain sprocket on a 35 yr old haybine when heat wouldn't do it, to oiling the fine sewing machine mechanism, to carburetor parts that were sticking, to salt-corroded door locks, to oil for tap and die cutting, to etc. etc. and the list is endless. An amazing product, to say the least.

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