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There are sewing and embroidery machine lubricants for all of the major moving parts of these machines. But for other functioning areas of these machines such as bobbin winders, tensioner spring adjusters, and many other smaller precision functions, a thick mechanical oil is just impractical and can make a real mess. For these areas you need a precision penetrating lubricant with the quality and efficiency of Bluecreeper.

With Bluecreepe"rs precision tip applicator, you can place a small amount of highly effective penetrating lubricant into the small places of these precision movements of your machine and not create a heavy gunky mess that can cause staining on the materials you are working on. Bluecreeper is not staining and gets right to the center of the moving action with its unique ability to “creep” in to very tight space tolerances.

Want to keep that precise feel and movement to your scissors? Routinely use a small dot of Bluecreeper in the blade pin and always keep them moving smoothly and never have any build up like that which comes from using a thick viscosity oil that simply cannot get into the finite spaces like Bluecreeper can.

Frozen zippers or snap buttons? A few dots of Bluecreeper Precision Penetrating Lubricant and they are moving again quickly. And if you periodically place a few dots of Bluecreeper on these zippers and snaps, you will never have an issue with stuck or frozen garment hardware.

Use Bluecreeper for all types of stuck or small moving parts that are difficult to access. Just a small amount gets things moving again. Bluecreeper Penetrating Lubricant is a must have in any garment professional or sewing craft persons tool kit!!

Precision Oiler

1 oz Precision Oiler of Bluecreeper

8 oz Refill

8 oz Refill Bottle of Bluecreeper

16 oz Refill

16 oz Refill Bottle of Bluecreeper

16 oz Sprayer

16 oz Spray Bottle of Bluecreeper

Bluecreeper Gallon

Gallon of Bluecreeper

Bluecreeper Value Pack

Bluecreeper Value Pack, contains 2 Precision Oilers and an 8 oz Refill

Bluecreeper SMO Gallon

Bluecreeper SMO Sewing Machine Oil in gallon refill

Bluecreeper SMO

Bluecreeper SMO Sewing Machine Oil in 4 0z bottle with flexible tube dispenser.

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