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Company Information

Bluecreeper is owned by Logrite Tools. Logrite had been a dealer of the amazing Rust Reaper. We used it on our machines, steel, tools, our fleet and squeaks of all kinds. We also give samples to our log arch customers so they can maintain their winches. When we heard Rust Reaper was for sale, we could not imagine a world without Rust Reaper so we bought the company!

Now we market Rust Reaper as Bluecreeper. We changed the name and the color but we didnít change the formula, so it is the same synthetic multi-purpose lubricant with a minty smell. We blend and package Bluecreeper in our facility in Connecticut, controlling the process to assure consistent, quality product.

Our goal is to make Bluecreeper available to everyone.

Please review the following for information about our company.

Company Address

60 Industrial Park Road
Vernon, Connecticut 06066
United States

Company Contact Information

Bluecreeper can be contacted via telephone, fax or email using the following information:


Fax: 1-860-872-0864

Email: Send Contact Message

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