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Precision Oiler

Precision Oiler
1 oz Precision Oiler of Bluecreeper

Our Precision Oiler with it's needle applicator allows you to apply Bluecreeper exactly where you need it.  Eliminates wasted oil and mess from overspray.  Does the same amount of work as a large aerosol can.  It's compact size allows you to get into small spaces and is easier to store.

Bluecreeper is a penetrating, multipurpose synthetic lubricant designed to creep into tight spaces, loosening rusted or stuck parts while providing ongoing lubrication for the loosened parts to move against each other.  It incorporates technology used in today's industrial lubricants, coupled with ingredients that have worked in penetrating oils for years.  This unique formula has extraordinary penetrating or "creeping" ability which sets Bluecreeper apart from any other penetrant fluid available.

  • As a protectant, Bluecreeper leaves a thin protective barrier that keeps moisture from corroding metal parts.
  • Bluecreeper's thin viscosity resists the attraction of dust and dirt so your precision instruments and tools move smoothly.
  • Economical because the precision application of Bluecreeper means you will use far less product to do many more applications saving you a lot of money in messy wasted product.
  • Contains no hazardous ingredients.
  • Won't harm plastic.
  • Has high-temp capabilities.

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