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Bicycle Maintenance

Bicycle Maintenance

Bicycle Maintenance

Bluecreeper Precision Penetrating Lubricant is the perfect product for keeping all of the moving components of your expensive bicycle investment in top working condition. Keeping out the dust and dirt, keeping moving parts constantly lubricated, and making sure there is no grit filled build up inside those moving parts is all a part of keeping the constantly precise operation of expensive bicycle components. And using heavy thick lubricants is not always the answer for many precision parts. With Bluecreeper's thinner consistency and amazingly efficient “creeping” ability and high temp/pressure performance attributes, this precision lubricant can be routinely applied to precision moving parts and you never have to worry about that grimy build up from thicker sticky oils that attract dirt and dust. And with the precision needle applicator you can place the lubricant exactly where you need it.

Frozen cables? Corroded and stuck derailleur's? Sticking disc calipers or brake arms from corrosion? The incredible penetrating power of Bluecreeper will effectively get those parts moving freely again. And again, with its precision applicator, you can get the penetrating fluid exactly where it needs to go without spraying down everything else around those particular parts and waste all that product making all that mess. A few drops in the guide pin, a clean line of fluid onto the derailleur arm, or a quick few squirts down the cable shaft with the very precise application tip and there's no mess. Just moving parts.

A small bottle of Bluecreeper with cap and needle applicator is a must in your portable bicycle tool kit. A little product goes a VERY long way!

Precision Oiler

1 oz Precision Oiler of Bluecreeper

8 oz Refill

8 oz Refill Bottle of Bluecreeper

16 oz Refill

16 oz Refill Bottle of Bluecreeper

16 oz Sprayer

16 oz Spray Bottle of Bluecreeper

Bluecreeper Gallon

Gallon of Bluecreeper

Bluecreeper Value Pack

Bluecreeper Value Pack, contains 2 Precision Oilers and an 8 oz Refill

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