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    Your clippers and scissors are the precision tools of your trade. Keeping them in optimum working order is essential to your producing the best results. And making them last can save you a lot of money. Bluecreeper is an essential product for keeping those valuable tools working at the highest levels of performance.

     Unlike standard clipper oil, Bluecreeper is an environmentally friendly precision penetrating lubricant. And with its precise applicator tip it can be placed exactly where it is needed with no waste or mess. Standard clipper oil is usually a form of mineral oil or some sort of the well known 3-in-1 type oil and these thicker oils can really create a slimy grimy mess. These thicker oils can create build up and attract hair like crazy onto and in between the clipper blades which can degrade performance and cause the clippers to heat up constantly. Bluecreeper being a precision penetrating lubricant,  forms a very thin and evenly consistent film over the entire surface of the blade contact area by very effectively "creeping" its way all across the blade contact surface. It does not attract dirt, dust, or hair that can reduce the performance of the clippers and Bluecreeper dramatically helps reduce heat friction. And because Bluecreeper is designed to handle high heat and high pressure environments, it will keep your clipper blades moving smooth and fast for years to come.

     One of the most neglected but most essential tools the stylist uses is their scissors. Keeping them moving precisely with a good "feel" is highly important. Using a thick oil to keep them lubricated can be a messy practice. With the thinner consistency, precision applicator tip, and the need for using only a very small dot of Bluecreeper regularly at the pivot point of your scissors and doing a periodic wipe with a soft cloth across the blade edges, your scissors will stay super sharp longer and will always feel like the precision instrument they were designed to be. You spend a lot of money to have the best tools for your trade so it only makes sense to use the best product to maintain those precision tools. Bluecreeper is the finest penetrating lubricant you can use for maintaining the perfect operation of your barbershop or salon tools moving parts!
Precision Oiler

1 oz Precision Oiler of Bluecreeper

8 oz Refill

8 oz Refill Bottle of Bluecreeper

16 oz Refill

16 oz Refill Bottle of Bluecreeper

16 oz Sprayer

16 oz Spray Bottle of Bluecreeper

Bluecreeper Gallon

Gallon of Bluecreeper

Bluecreeper Value Pack

Bluecreeper Value Pack, contains 2 Precision Oilers and an 8 oz Refill

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